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Wonder if your child has ADHD? Research shows parent education, compassion, and understanding will help your child. Don’t wait. Find relief now with Cadey.

What you get

  • Step-by-step guided journey through ADHD symptoms

  • Printable ADHD checklist to share with your pediatrician or school

  • Clarity on whether or not your child has symptoms of ADHD

ADHD Defined: a 1 Hour Assessment Course for Parents

Go at your own pace through this assessment course that defines the core symptoms of ADHD and helps you understand potential issues in your child. Taught by Dr. Anna Kroncke, recognized expert in ADHD, this class helps you recognize key features of ADHD, including some more nuanced issues like emotional disinhibition and internal vs. external distractibility.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of this important and complex brain difference known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). At the conclusion of the course, you can fill out an ADHD Checklist to better understand your child's needs as they relate to these important symptoms.

    1. Inattention: What is it?

    2. Inattention: In real life

    3. Top 10 signs of inattention handout

    4. Inattention: parent assessment

    1. Internal Distractibility in ADHD

    2. Internal distractibility in ADHD handout

    3. External Distractibility in ADHD

    4. External distractibility in ADHD handout

    5. Distractibility: parent assessment

    1. Impulsivity in children: What is it?

    2. Top 10 signs of impulsive behavior in children handout

    3. Impulsivity: parent assessment

    1. Disinhibition: Sign of ADHD in children

    2. Disinhibition: parent assessment

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