What you get

  • Step-by-step guided journey through autism symptoms

  • Printable autism checklist to share with your pediatrician or school

  • Clarity about your child's social skills challenges

Signs of Autism in Children

Go at your own pace through this assessment course as you learn the social symptoms of autism. The class covers 3 major social development stages. Learn how social skills build on each other and what success looks like at each important milestone. You get mini-assessments regarding each social skill and how they may present in your child.

    1. What is autism?

    2. Social development in autism

    3. Cadey Model of Social Development (Sneak Preview)

    1. Physical Engagement Overview

    2. Social Presence

    3. Social presence: parent assessment

    4. Varied Interests

    5. Varied Interests: parent assessment

    6. Sharing and Showing

    7. Sharing & Showing: parent assessment

    8. Cooperative Play

    9. Cooperative Play: parent assessment

    1. Social Communication Overview

    2. Social Motivation

    3. Social Motivation: parent assessment

    4. Interacting

    5. Interacting: parent assessment

    6. Shared Enjoyment

    7. Shared Enjoyment: parent assessment

    8. Conversations

    9. Conversation skills: parent assessment

    10. Perspective Taking

    11. Perspective Taking: parent assessment

    1. Emotional Reciprocity Overview

    2. Insight

    3. Insight: parent assessment

    4. Empathy

    5. Empathy: parent assessment

    6. Intimacy

    7. Intimacy: parent assessment

    8. Conclusion of Autism Social Skills Assessment

    9. Cadey Model of Social Development (for download)

    1. Other Autism Symptoms

    2. Early Language Skills Overview

    3. Early Language Library

    4. Advanced Language Skills Overview

    5. Advanced Language Library

    6. Language Skills: parent assessment

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Advocate for your child: learn about social development and autism