What you get

  • Parenting strategies for communicating with your emotional teenager

  • Meltdown do’s and don'ts for improving your teenager’s coping strategies

  • Specific help for common conflicts like homework, siblings, technology/devices, and independence

Course curriculum

    1. Emotional Regulation Strategies

    2. Practice Emotional Regulation Strategies with your teen

    3. Emotional Regulation Strategies for your teen handout

    4. Your teen escalates quickly

    5. Your teen is prone to sensory overload

    6. Your teen starts a power struggle

    7. Your teen hurts your feelings

    8. Don't take it personally handout

    9. Your teen is really upset

    10. Your teen is verbally attacking you

    11. Boundaries and Consequences

    12. Boundaries and Consequences Part 2

    1. DO: provide a cozy corner

    2. DON'T tell your child how to feel

    3. DO: encourage coping strategies

    4. Coping skills for teens handout

    5. DO: help your child identify moods

    6. DO: teach about cognitive distortions

    7. Cognitive distortions handout

    8. DO: try the basket case approach

    9. DO: read and talk about feelings

    10. DO: help your teen be a problem solver

    11. DO: remember this could be a phase

    12. Meltdown DO's and DON'Ts for Teens Handout

    1. Tool #1: Homework

    2. Tool #2: Devices

    3. Tool #3: Social conflicts

    4. Tool #4: Sibling conflicts

    5. Tool #5: Restorative practices for siblings

    6. Tool #6: Taking 'no' for an answer

    7. Tool #7: Learning to drive

    8. Tool #8: Curfew

    9. Tool #9: Independence

    10. Tool #10: LGBTQIA Considerations

    11. A Top 10 Toolkit for Teen Meltdowns Handout

    1. Cadey Resources for Emotional Regulation

    2. Congrats! Here's what's next...

    3. Before you go...

    4. Keep it up!

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“Cadey really helped me with my teen! These videos gave me a better understanding of my teen’s experience. They also gave me practical and simple advice on how I can better respond to and help her in our daily interactions in a way that is loving and maintains appropriate and consistent boundaries. I can already see a difference in our communication! Thank you for putting together this great series!”

Holly, parent of a teen

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