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  • The 5 easy-to-follow steps you can take to get a Section 504 plan

  • Section 504 plan accommodations for ADHD, autism, anxiety, and more

  • The knowledge you need to request a 504 plan for your child today

504 Accommodation Plan Course

A Section 504 Accommodation Plan is a legal document that provides your child support in the regular education classroom for any medical diagnosis that may include ADHD, autism, diabetes, OCD, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, and more. Supports like extra breaks, special seating, and homework modifications can be on a 504 Plan if they help your child succeed in school.

Creating a 504 Plan can seem daunting and overwhelming. We will show you how to get there. Starting with 504 Plan Eligibility to 504 Plan Accommodations, we give you tips on how to best plan, manage, and re-evaluate your child’s supports over time. We will even provide a sample 504 plan for ADHD at the conclusion of this class. With years of experience working in and collaborating with schools, Dr. Willard and Dr. Kroncke are experts in school psychology. We are excited to share these tips with you so that you can be the best advocate for your child.

    1. Step #1: Diagnosis

    2. Step #2: Request 504 Plan

    3. Step #3: 504 Plan eligibility meeting

    4. Step #4: 504 Plan accommodations

    5. Step #4.1 504 accommodations for ADHD

    6. Step #4.2 504 accommodations for anxiety

    7. Step #4.3 504 accommodations for autism

    8. Step #4.4 504 accommodations for depression

    9. Step #4.5 504 accommodations for dyslexia

    10. Step #4.6 504 accommodations for OCD

    11. Step #5: Communicate with teachers

    1. Difference between 504 accommodation plan and IEP

    1. Final thoughts on 504 plans

    2. 504 Plans Summary

    3. Sample 504 Plan for ADHD

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    2. More resources for you

    3. Keep it up!

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