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  • A deep dive into hyperactivity in the context of your child

  • Easy tips and routines for hyperactivity that you can implement at home

  • Strategies for managing your child's hyperactive behavior in a variety of settings

Hyperactivity in Children Course Curriculum

Hyperactivity is constant motion. If your child is hyperactive, it means they may act like they have a motor that is turned to full speed. Hyperactive children are on the go, they may be risk takers, and they could be very good at sports-related pursuits. They are always moving, jumping, and climbing, and they may have trouble settling on an activity for very long. Hyperactivity can be a sign of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


This course teaches you about hyperactivity, when ADHD or autism may be at play, and what you can do every day to help your child. We talk about building movement into the day, how timers and rewards can help, and how being positive is most effective. We tell you the information you need to know about diet, exercise, and morning and bedtime routines. Take this course today to help your child.

    1. 1. Meet Dr. Anna

    1. 2. Top ten signs of hyperactive behavior in children

    2. 2.1 Top ten signs of hyperactive behavior in children handout

    1. 3. Myths about hyperactive behavior

    2. 3.1 Girls can be hyperactive

    1. 4. Causes of hyperactivity

    2. 4.1 Causes of hyperactivity handout

    3. 4.2 Allergens and food

    1. 5. How to help your hyperactive child

    2. 5.1 Choosing activities for your hyperactive child

    3. 5.2 Using the 5:1 ratio with your hyperactive child

    4. 5.3 Teaching personal space with your hyperactive child

    5. 5.4 Breathing and calming activities for your hyperactive child

    6. 5.4 Breathing and calming activities for your child interactive handout

    7. 5.5 Practicing 'Stop and Think' with your hyperactive child

    8. 5.6 Building self-awareness with your hyperactive child

    9. 5.7 How to help your hyperactive child handout

    10. 5.8 Books to read and listen with your hyperactive child

    1. 6. Managing hyperactivity in unique settings

    2. 6.1 Managing hyperactivity at a restaurant

    3. 6.2 Managing hyperactivity at a wedding

    4. 6.3 Managing hyperactivity at a playground

    5. 6.4 Managing hyperactivity at a birthday party

    6. 6.5 Managing hyperactivity during a hair cut

    7. 6.6 Managing hyperactivity at a grocery store

    8. 6.7 Managing hyperactivity at a doctor's office

    9. 6.8 Managing hyperactivity at an airport

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