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  • A deep dive into impulsivity in the context of your child

  • Easy tips and routines you can implement at home

  • Strategies for working with your school on transitions, 504 plans, ADHD diagnosis, and more

Impulsivity in Children Course

What does it mean to be impulsive? Impulsivity means acting without thinking. Does your child have trouble waiting and standing in lines? Are they constantly interrupting you? Impulse control issues are common in children and can be a sign of ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD includes impulsive behavior, hyperactivity, and trouble with attention. If your child has trouble stopping an action or thinking before they act, they are acting in an impulsive way.

This course teaches you about impulsivity, when it may be ADHD, and what you can do every day to help your child with impulse control. We talk about how to control impulsivity, nutrition, diet, morning and bedtime routines, and impulsivity in the context of ADHD and autism. Want to help your child today? Take this course.

    1. 3. Myths about impulsive behavior

    2. 3.1 Girls can be impulsive

    1. 4. Causes of poor impulse control

    2. 4. Causes of poor impulse control handout

    1. 5. How to help your impulsive child

    2. 5. How to help your impulsive child handout

    3. 5.1: How to help impulsivity: Delayed gratification

    4. 5.2 Resonate and wait

    5. 5.3 Rewards & restorative justice

    6. 5.4 Stop & think

    7. 5.5 Tantrums & limits

    8. 5.5 Tantrum protocol downloadable handout

    9. 5.6: The 5:1 ratio

    10. 5.7 Books you can read and watch with your child to help with impulsivity

    1. 6. Morning Routines to control impulsivity

    2. 6.1 Healthy breakfast

    3. Morning routines reward chart to bring and use

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