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  • Info about what works best for treating ADHD in children. You are the focal point of your child’s treatment. Your education is key.

  • The latest updates in medication and behavioral treatment research for ADHD in kids and teens.

  • In-the-moment strategies that work to help your child or teen manage homework and assignments..

Course curriculum

Packed full of the latest research and insights, this free course is like getting a dedicated session with an ADHD expert. This course would cost you hundreds of dollars in the office. The ideas offered here are the exact same strategies we provide in our clinical practice. But as an introduction to our programs, this course is completely free.

Every parent of a child with ADHD symptoms needs to know the latest research. ADHD is primarily a disorder of executive functions and can have a vast impact on a family and on a child’s day to day life. Parent compassion and understanding is a key ingredient in treatment. Twenty years of clinical practice has taught us this important lesson: when parents lean in, kids get better.

Parent education is the first step to helping your child. You are the leader of your child’s treatment team. Before starting medication or any type of therapy parents must take the time to understand their child’s symptoms. Through compassion and understanding, we know that impulsive, hyperactive and executive functioning symptoms are real and are not just bad behavior. Start learning today with this free course on ADHD advances in treatment.

    1. Intro to course

    1. Action #1: Compassion

    2. Action #2: In the Moment Teaching

    3. Action #2B: In the Moment: An Example

    4. Action #3: Rewards

    5. Action #4: Behavior Contracts

    6. Action #5: Schedules (Part 1)

    7. Action #5B: Schedules (Part 2)

    8. Favorite Strategies

    1. Action #6: Organizational Tools (Whiteboards)

    2. Action #6B: Organizational Tools (Lists and Lines)

    3. Action #7: Consider Medication

    4. Action #8: Teacher Collaboration

    5. Favorite Strategies (part 2)

    1. Congrats! Here's what's next...

    2. Fast feedback

    3. Keep it up!

    1. Latest Research on ADHD: Including Barkley and others

    2. Calming Resource for Parents

    3. Calming Choice Activities for Kids

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